Donut Recipes

Donut Recipes

A donut, also known as a doughnut, depending on where in the world you are, is fried dough that can either be filled, rolled in sugar, dipped in a sauce or served with a hot drink. They are usually made from a floury dough, although they can be made from a potato dough. They tend to be deep-fried in oil, although they can be baked in the oven although this does make the donuts have a slightly different flavour. Take a look below for a number of donut recipes, including a Greek donut recipe and a Christmassy mincemeat filled donut recipe.

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About Donuts:

Donuts tend to come in one of two varieties: ring donuts coated with sugar or an icing glaze or filled donuts injected with jam, custard or a sweetened, thickened cream. You can also get mini doughnut balls that can be soaked with a syrup or dipped into a sauce, or in the form of doughnut sticks that you can dip into whichever dip you like.

Donuts are not all sweet treats however; you can make them from potato or you can make them from pumpkin puree depending on your preferences. Donuts can be made from a yeast-raised batter, but they can also be made from a sort of choux pastry or a sweetened cake batter.

Take a look above for a number of tasty recipes, including an Italian-inspired recipe and a recipe that uses up leftover white bread. uses measurements and ingredients for the United Kingdom. If you are located elsewhere in the world, you may find makes more sense to you!

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